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Intentions for Weekend Masses Available
​There are openings in the Mass Book for intentions for Weekend Masses beginning in July.  If you would like to request a Mass intention for either a Saturday or Sunday, please fill out a Mass Intention Form (available in the Church Narthex).  These are on a first-come, first-served basis, one per weekend (the other Mass is always for all parishioners, living and deceased).

Women's Bible Study
​Women’s Bible Study meets on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 pm in the Social Hall.  The theme for this study is be “Women of the Bible”  All women are invited to join in this discussion.  For information please contact Denise Pencola (

Parish Volunteers Wanted!
​We are currently looking for volunteers to sing in the Parish Choir and to assist our Money Counters. Please contact the Parish Office if you are interested.  Please note that clearances are required before beginning any volunteer ministry.

​Support the 2021 Missions of Faith Appeal
​The 2021 Missions of Faith Appeal is offering parishioners throughout the Diocese of Greensburg the opportunity to support the Mission Office and its ministries. COVID-19 greatly affected the ability to engage in missionary activity and a tidal wave of need is approaching. This includes the Mission of Mercy to help the poorest communities in Haiti. Help can be provided by supporting the 2021 Missions of Faith Appeal. Every human being needs to experience Christ’s message of love and mercy. Today you can support that mission by donating to the 2021 Missions of Faith Appeal. Visit

​Peter’s Pence/Holy See Collection—June 26/27
​Peter's Pence/Holy See collection is the weekend of June 26-27.  This collection is a way to support the work of the Universal Church, including the work of the Holy See and the charitable works of Pope Francis. Take this opportunity to join with Pope Francis and be a sign of mercy to our suffering brothers and sisters. Please be generous. For more information, visit

Summer Faith "Grow in Christ"
July 12-16, 6-8 pm in the Social Hall and on Church grounds. Click here to see the flyer that was included in the bulletin for information.  All are welcome—Consider inviting a friend! The event is also open to parishioners as well as non-parishioners, including non-Catholics.

For more information, call the Parish Office or email Carolyn Davis at
​Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Sign Ups
We will have Sign ups in August of this year for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) all 3 levels and include Faith class for 3rd level, and also Youth Ministry ages 13-up.  We will have a new leader Rebecca Dietz, you will have an opportunity to meet her during sign ups.

Parish Rosary Bouquet
​As a way of renewing our families, parish, diocese and the world through prayer, you are invited to take part in the Good Shepherd Rosary Bouquet Program.  Through it, we hope to gather a spiritual bouquet of Rosaries for Jesus and Mary.  

A vase will be placed in the Church Narthex near the statue of Mary along with a smaller bowl of beads.  (Hand sanitizer will also be on the table.)  Each bead placed into the vase will represent one Rosary that has been prayed by someone at Church of the Good Shepherd—and as the vase fills up, we will be able to see this spiritual bouquet of Rosaries grow!

The program will work this way:
  • Each time you pray a Rosary—at home, at Church, at work, while driving, etc.—we invite you to put one bead in the vase for each Rosary prayed.  
  • If you pray the Rosary together with others, each person can add a bead for each Rosary prayed.
  • If you cannot come to the Church to add beads yourself, please call Denise and Jim Pencola at (724) 726-5315 to let them know how many beads to add to the vase.