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How You Can Help Our Money Counters

If you are mailing or dropping off an offertory donation and choose to write one check for multiple collections, please also include the marked envelopes themselves.  This helps our money counters and office staff to more easily record your donation in the proper categories and ensure you are credited for your tax letter at the end of the year.

Weekend of May 1/2, 2021

​Votive Candles
For Improvements to Our Parish
Catholic Accent
​Mother's Day

​Total Income
​Needed Weekly to Meet Budget
​Variance Over or (Under)
( 1,782.00)

​​Fiscal Year-To-Date
​Needed to Meet Budget
​Variance Over or (Under)

Thank you to all who have donated to this year's DLA campaign.  As of last week, we have surpassed our Diocesan Goal of $22,433.  All remaining money pledged or donated to the campaign will remain at Church of the Good Shepherd in its entirety.

For all who have already given, thank you for helping to make our campaign a success!

If you have not yet given to the DLA can you help us reach our parish goal of $41,000?

To donate to the "Be the Light" campaign to support God's work at Church of the Good Shepherd and in the Diocese of Greensburg, visit Donations can also be mailed/dropped off at the Parish Office.  Please be sure envelopes and/or the memo line of your check says "DLA" or "Lenten Appeal."

As of May 3, 2021  

Total pledges/gifts received:
Percent of Diocesan Goal ($22,433.00):149.3%
Percent of Parish Goal ($41,000.00):81.7%
Participating Households - 100 (298)
Average 2021 Parish Gift:
$ 331.58
Average 2020 Parish Gift:
$ 405.98