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Thursday, June 23–Carol

Updates I have made the past few days

  • Moved the “Read Our Weekly Bulletin” to the Trash. It is the one that contained the Flip Books of the bulletins.
  • Deleted all Flip Books and the posts that contained the flip books for the bulletins.
  • Updated the Cemetery page to include the addresses for the two cemeteries. Also included a little more information that I found on the St. Bernard cemetery webpage. Linked the names of the cemeteries to the webpage in Facebook for Iselin and St. Bernard Cemetery webpage. This page is under the “About” menu
  • Updated the Calendar
  • Updated the Liturgy Schedule Page
  • Changed the Bulletin Menu to read Bulletin/News
    1. Added the 6/26 bulletin to the Weekly Bulletin page
    2. Added and updated the News page to the Bulletin/News page with current events/news for this week.
  • Updated Prayer Chain page
  • Updated “From Fr. Matthew” page
  • Updated the Stewardship page
  • Updated the Ministers Schedule page with tables and current information
  • Updated the pages under Formed.org —
    1. Took off the videos on the What is Formed page and moved them to new page.
    2. Create an Account on Formed page–moved the videos to this page.
    3. Updated the Formed Pick of the Week page to have the image of the picks that Formed chose for the coming week and linked it to the Pick of the Week on the Formed website.
  • Removed the following pages from the Menu–the pages still exist. These were under the New Membership Form menu item
    1. Candle Request Form
    2. St. Therese Candles
    3. Devoting Support to our Faith Community
    4. Mass Intention
    5. Ministries
    6. Online Giving
    7. Organizations
    8. Resources for Home Use
    9. Read Our Weekly Bulletin (the one with the Flip Books)
  • Moved these menu items to the Media/Links menu
    1. Our Diocese
    2. Diocesan Mass Times
    3. Vatican
    4. Catholic Charities