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 From Father Matthew's Desk

One Year—

Wednesday, July 1 marked my first anniversary here at Church of the Good Shepherd.  It has been a very good year, but more "interesting" than I could have imagined.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers and affirmations for me—I am grateful for all of you, and look forward to the time when we can be gathered together.

Some ongoing facilities work at Good Shepherd—

When I arrived here a year ago, Fr. Willie brought several projects to my attention, and a few are now in progress.  Two of the three windows in the Eucharistic Chapel Windows have now been restored—these windows had been at risk of falling apart because the adhesive used to hold in the stained glass was deteriorating.  Also, the Rectory Roof is being replaced; it is the original roof from 1992, and had come to the end of its life.

I can control many things, but not the US Mail

While I had been fairly excited about the efficiency of mailing our bulletins via bulk mail, the last few weeks have left me a bit disappointed.  For whatever reason, the bulletins that are processed through the mailing facility in Pittsburgh (all the 156XX zip codes) have been arriving on time, but at least twice the bulletins processed through Johnstown (all the 157XX zip codes) have arrived several days late.  Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any good and practical ways to address this under the current arrangements we have with our bulletin publisher.

However, please do remember that the next Sunday's bulletin is always posted on the parish website the Friday before.  I realize that this does not address the problem for everyone, but anyone with internet access can look at the online version of the bulletin early—at least until the printed copy arrives in the mail.