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​​​​From Father Matthew's Desk​

Bishop Kulick to Visit Church of the Good Shepherd

It is our great joy to welcome Bishop Kulick back to Church of the Good Shepherd next Sunday, May 9 to celebrate Sunday Mass with us.  In 1997, Bishop Kulick made his first journey to Good Shepherd as a brand new pastor, and so it is exciting that he can join us again as our brand new bishop.  Since it is likely that our attendance will be slightly higher than normal, please be patient as we work to ensure that everyone can find seating.  Some parishioners may need to use the overflow space in the Church Social Hall.

Mother's Day and Month of Mary, Our Mother

In anticipation of Mother's Day next Sunday, I want to wish all mothers a happy and blessed Mother's Day.  This is an opportunity for us to give thanks to our mothers (as well as godmothers and grandmothers) who are living—and to give God thanks for them, whether living or deceased.  In all mothers, we find an example of self-surrender and sacrifice.  This includes countless hours spent caring for their children's physical needs—changing diapers, preparing meals, bandaging scrapes—but also caring for emotional and spiritual needs—teaching right from wrong, bandaging a broken heart after a first breakup, teaching a child how to pray.  It also includes the joys of seeing a child grow into an adult—to watch each new discovery and milestone as their children grow into happy, healthy, and holy men and women

In this month of May, dedicated to Mary, we focus in a special way on her maternal care.  She shared in many of these same joys and struggles in her care of Jesus—but now she is present to intercede for all of us.  Jesus gave her to us to be our Mother as well.  Let us call upon her maternal care for ourselves and for all of our mothers:

Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, pray for all mothers, so that they will be able to fulfill their maternal responsibilities.

Help them to be lovers and nurturers of all human life from the moment of conception until natural death, all the while being
examples for their own children.

Pray for their children, so that they, too, will be faithful followers of Your Son.  We offer these prayers in Jesus' name, in union 
with the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.  Amen