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​​​​From Father Matthew's Desk​

Candy Sales

All Sarris Candy from our most recent candy sale will be available for pick-up the weekend of March 20/21, and Money is due the weekend of March 27/28.

Lenten Devotions

During this time of deeper prayer and devotion, remember the resources available to you.  In addition to the Little Black Book that you should have received in the last bulletin, we also have the Large-Print Little Black Book, the children's Little Purple Book, copies of Five Minutes With the Word, and the Lenten edition of Word Among Us, which contains the Lenten readings and prayers for Mass.  PLEASE TAKE AND USE THESE RESOURCES, $whether for yourself or for someone else.  Any donations given to defray the cost of these materials is always appreciated.

Good Shepherd DRIVE-THRU Lenten Dinners

Drive-thru dinners will take place on all Fridays of Lent (except Good Friday), with a limited menu.  Please see the menu and prices on the loose page of the bulletin.  We will be using a different traffic pattern than for the Turkey Dinner, so please pay attention to volunteers directing traffic.  We look forward to seeing and serving you!

Diocesan Lenten Appeal 202

The Church requires the help of all to "Be the Light" to the world and to carry out the Mission that Jesus gave us—teaching, healing, praying, serving.  Much of that is done in our parish, but some must be done at the level of the Diocese.  Many programs, particularly programs that serve the poor, as well as the "behind the scenes" support of the parish, are impossible to do well except at that diocesan level.  One way the Diocese raises funds is through the Diocesan Lenten Appeal.  At the same time, each parish can also raise funds for projects that help us here.

Once our Diocesan Goal of $22,433 is met, all remaining money that is given will remain in our parish.  I am hoping that we can raise $41,000 as our Parish Goal—with that money going toward two projects that benefit both beauty and safety: updating the lighting in the Church with energy-efficient LED lighting, and refreshing the Good Shepherd Garden and the landscaped area between the outdoor stairway and the Church.  The latter project is especially important—ongoing maintenance helps keep plants in order, but every once in a while, a full facelift is needed to repair lighting, remove dead bushes, and level pavers that have become uneven.  I am hoping you can help us with these projects through your generosity (and in some cases, by "lending a hand" when the weather allows it.

As to our 2020 DLA project: we have the money to replace our HVAC units, and a final contract will be signed soon so they can be installed in the Spring.