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Week of August 6/7, 2022

​Weekly​$  2,389.00
​Monthly​$ 866.00
​Votive Candles​$44.00​
​For Improvements to Parish$​54.00​
Assumption of Mary$30.00
​Total Income​$ 3,394.00
​Needed Weekly to Meet Budget​$​4,242.83
​Variance Over or (Under)​$(848.83)
​​Fiscal Year-To-Date
​Needed to Meet Budget​$ 25,456.98
​Variance Over or (Under)​$(9,461.67)
Diocesan Collections
CUA/Catholic Education​$30.00

DLA—Making Good Progress!

We are now in the “Parish Phase” of our Diocesan Lenten appeal.  Our “diocesan goal” is behind us, and now all money donated toward the DLA campaign remains here in our parish.Unlike other donations given to the parish, there is no other assessment by the diocese—100% stays here!

Thank you to all who have given toward the campaign!
If you have not given, please prayerfully consider doing so.  One of our goals is to increase the number of participating households so that everyone has a hand in helping us reach our goals.

Diocesan Lenten Appeal — As of July 7, 2022​

Total pledges/gifts received​$ 38,819.00
​Percent of Diocesan Goal ($23,106.00)163.8%
​Percent of Parish Goal ($42,000.00)90.0%
​Participating Households – 110 (295)37.2%​
​Average 2022 Parish Gift$ 343.80
​Average 2021 Parish Gift$ 346.55